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The CEO will present the club’s proposal to the prospective member, covering financial organization and cash flow, with a focus on maximum transparency and honesty. It will be explained how all the resources collected from the sale of citizenship titles will be allocated. Additionally, the benefits and values of being a member of the Povo de Satoshi, along with the ideological aspects of the project, will be discussed.

Individuals interested in becoming official members of the Povo de Satoshi will have complete access to project information, including the whitepaper, informative videos, data on the number of titles sold, resource allocation, and other relevant aspects to ensure full transparency.

Upon acceptance, the member will acquire Povo de Satoshi citizenship through a token generated on the Bitcoin timechain. This token will serve as the access key to the club, allowing members to enjoy all the benefits and advantages. With the establishment of our sovereignty and the foundation of the Land of Satoshi, token holders will have the right to citizenship in this libertarian Bitcoin country.

The CEO will never have direct access to the resource wallet; it will be maintained by the guardians of the Povo de Satoshi. These guardians will be recognized, influential Bitcoiners respected within their respective regions. We will seek out various Bitcoiners and distribute capital across multiple multisignature wallets to decentralize funds and enhance our members’ security. 🌟🔒🌐


After acceptance and joining the club, the resources will be deposited into various multi-signature wallets managed by the guardians of the official Povo de Satoshi wallet. These guardians will be selected based on their influence within the local community. The wallet will be shared among Bitcoin members from different locations.

To move the capital, the CEO must convene an open meeting with the members and present the allocation and use of the funds. If the resource allocation aligns with the initial proposal accepted by the members, they will vote to authorize or deny the CEO to proceed to the next step. The CEO will only advance to the second stage, which involves presenting to the guardians of the Povo de Satoshi wallet, if at least 21 official members of the Povo de Satoshi sign the minutes of the meeting conducted by the CEO.

With the minutes signed by a minimum of 21 members, the CEO must then present the resource allocation plan to the guardians of the Povo de Satoshi. If it aligns with the initial financial organization and cash flow, and is authorized by 21 official members, the majority of the guardians will decide whether to approve or reject the capital movement within the club.

If denied, the CEO must organize a new open meeting for all Povo de Satoshi members and restart the process.

The CEO’s term lasts for 21 consecutive months, promoting leadership alternation within the Povo de Satoshi. The same alternation process will also apply to the guardians of the Povo de Satoshi. All these changes will be carried out in an open assembly, ensuring active participation of all members in decision-making and club governance.

This framework was designed to ensure transparent and democratic management, encouraging accountability and direct involvement of members in the direction and future of Povo de Satoshi. Through this collaborative approach, we aim to strengthen our community and uphold the fundamental values of Bitcoin and economic freedom.

In summary, the process not only ensures effective and secure financial resource management for the club but also fosters an environment of trust, cooperation, and mutual respect among all Povo de Satoshi members, ensuring that every decision made aligns with collective interests and our community’s greater purpose. 🌟🤝🌐


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