Imagine you are going to a football game. To enter, you need a ticket, right?

We are developing a unique ticket, registered on the Bitcoin timechain, that will guarantee lifetime access to the Satoshi People’s club.

As we achieve our goals, we plan to present ourselves to the world and claim the sovereignty of the People of Satoshi. By selling Citizenship Titles to those who wish to be part of the club, we will raise the capital necessary to acquire a large tract of land somewhere in the world. There, we intend to build a nation in honor of Satoshi Nakamoto, to be called the Land of Satoshi.

Initially, 210 thousand Citizenship Titles for the People of Satoshi will be issued. As per our official whitepaper, our goal is to increase the number of Satoshi People with each new area acquired, as we aspire to be the first decentralized nation in history. With this, we will “base” the club in the country! We will only grow the number of members if we acquire more pieces of land spread across the world!

We want to have territories on all continents, establishing several interconnected communities that will form a single nation. Our community will communicate in a decentralized way, using Bitcoin technology and the club’s own application to facilitate its members’ daily lives. All communities will be represented by the same nation; Land of Satoshi

Satoshi’s People’s Official Citizenship Title offers access to the largest libertarian bitcoiner networking club in the world. This group aims to provide a wide range of benefits and values to its members, including:

– Classes with renowned Bitcoin teachers;
– International networking opportunities;
– Facilitation of business between members;
– Contributions through donations to external projects;
– Green Card from the Land of Satoshi;
– Exclusive application;
– Public and transparent audit;
– Lifetime access to official events;
– And many other benefits.

Povo de Satoshi is committed to maintaining total transparency, disclosing all relevant information, financial or otherwise, relating to the club. This will allow members to track and audit financial or other activities and movements in real time.

Details about the management of resources obtained from the sale of Citizenship Titles and issues related to cash flow will be fully transparent. Each micro Satoshi will be publicly traceable, ensuring that all members have access to all necessary information. Satoshi’s People’s Club values full transparency and accessibility for its members, striving for genuine decentralization.

In the “Step by Step” section, all details are clearly explained.

To make it easier to understand, check out the video below!
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