Moral Agreement to Become an Official Member of People of Satoshi

People of Satoshi represents the union of individuals from all corners of the planet who feel misrepresented by the current organization of humanity. These individuals have chosen to peacefully and spontaneously join a club that offers benefits and advantages based on the principles and values of Bitcoin and libertarianism. The noble goal is to create a nation called “Terra de Satoshi,” seeking the sovereignty of this people in a friendly manner before the world.

To become an official member of People of Satoshi, it is necessary to acquire a Citizenship Title, which will be a lifetime membership. This title will be developed as a token on the Bitcoin timechain, where the access key will be recorded in a block, ensuring its eternal permanence. Holders of this title will have lifetime access to the club, and once we achieve the sovereignty of the people and acquire territory to declare independence, holders will be entitled to Terra de Satoshi passport.

Currently, we are not selling tokens as the project is still in its embryonic phase. We are developing the technology to provide citizenship titles to members of People of Satoshi.

To raise sufficient capital and fulfill our commitments, we will conduct our “pre-sale.” The pre-launch for those who wish to reserve their citizenship title will be on April 21. Mark this date on your calendar!

More than 210 individuals have already committed to honor and acquire the citizenship title at the launch of our pre-sale, forming a group on WhatsApp. This group allows for early access to club benefits and facilitates interaction among future members.

To gain access to this group and make your reservation, you must accept this moral agreement, committing to honor your word and acquire the token at the pre-sale launch.

It is essential to clarify that the value of the citizenship title lies in the benefits of being a club member, such as exclusive classes, international networking, business among members, development of own application, club events, and contributions to social projects. The idea of ​​founding a private and decentralized nation is a project bonus, whose success we cannot guarantee. However, we will dedicate the rest of eternity to making the impossible a matter of opinion.

When we conduct the official launch, we will disclose the statute with 21 principles and values of Terra de Satoshi. All members must sign it to be officially declared members of People of Satoshi. If any member refuses, their token will be put back up for sale by the official partner Tokenizer, and the money will be refunded to the buyer, minus operational expenses.

We constantly disseminate information about the project based on the ideals of Bitcoin and libertarianism. This ensures that the buyer of the citizenship title has complete knowledge of the topic and agrees with the allocation of resources to achieve our goals.

By accepting this moral contract, I commit to:

Honor My Commitment: Acquire the citizenship title token during the pre-sale as promised.
Engage with the Community: Actively participate in the WhatsApp group, interacting with members and contributing to the community spirit.
Support the Vision: Understand the importance of the project and support its goals of fostering a community united by the principles of Bitcoin and libertarianism.
Agree with the Price: Accept the offered price in Bitcoin to become an official member of the People of Satoshi and acquire the token for the agreed-upon value.
This is not a legally binding contract but a commitment to keep one’s word, reflecting the values ​​and trust with People of Satoshi community.


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